• 3/28/2011

    Hello popsicles

    Hope everyone is well and dandy.

    Recently I've been at home in Glasgow (a rarity!) catching up with the family and friends but I'm about to go on a wee Scottish tour with the lovely KASSIDY.

    If you fancy coming along to one of the shows then check out the dates!

    12th April , The Doghouse, DUNDEE

    13th April, The Tunnels, ABERDEEN

    14th April, Ironworks, INVERNESS

    15th April, Liquid Rooms, EDINBURGH

    28th April, o2 ABC, GLASGOW

    Tickets can be purchased here.

    On Sunday 10th April I will also be doing an acoustic set in London at The Old Blue Last, shoreditch........FOR FREE!

    I decided this coming week I will have a 'fan of the day'....maybe I'll call it 'popsicle of the day'. First of all you need to be following me on twitter, @pearlypops, or like my page on facebook.

    Whoever shows the most pearly love will become my 'fan of the day'. This
    could be a picture you post to me, something you've made, a video, a
    song, ANYTHING.

    At the end of each day I'll post the name of whoever showed the most pearly love and share with the rest of you!

    In the meantime, I'm off to get more video's up online for you to hear more covers for my 30 day song challenge!

    Speak soon!

    lots of love

    Pearly Pops


    ps- here's a video of my latest cover 'New Slang' by The Shins. Hope you
    like x


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